Health Benefits
Average Customer Savings: $1,858
  • Up to $500 towards your health insurance deductible if you are admitted to the hospital as a result of accidental injuries occurring in home or auto related accidents
Average Customer Savings: $3,858
  • First Aid and CPR Course Reimbursement
Average Customer Savings: $1,858
  • Over 50,000 participating retail pharmacy locations nationwide
  • Up to 50% discounts on prescriptions
  • Convenient home delivery discount prescription service This is not insurance
About Us
FIMC reliably develops benefits and product configurations based on the needs of the Customer, the Client and the changing regulatory environment to serve as an extra revenue stream for your business.
American Traveler Motor Club provides innovative automotive membership programs to the US through committed partnerships to save our members the expense and hassle of common roadside assistance.
At FIMC we have collaborative teamwork environment, where each individual is valued for their unique skills, experiences and perspectives they bring to the table. What do you bring?
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